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Influential, innovative and progressive, The Diamond Mansion is reinventing an exclusively modern approach to jewellery and investments in metal.

Diverse, contemporary, romantic—The Diamond Mansion products represent the pinnacle of Spanish artistry and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail here on the Island. Tradition and excellence from the island of Mallorca, one of Europe´s most luxurious destinations.

The Diamond Mansion carry’s the world’s top diamonds and require the industry’s toughest quality standards to ensure a lifetime of value.

We only sell ethically sourced diamonds, proudly enforcing the highest industry standards. We handcraft every piece to exacting quality standards.

To keep your costs down we have kept our footprint small, and set lower margins for ourselves, which means you’ll pay up to 63% less for the exact same quality piece.

We’re so sure of it, that we can guarantee you will get the best price.

Each order is handcrafted to your personal preference – with this we can guarantee that no two pieces are ever exactly the same.


At The Diamond Mansion, we’ve built our company on these principles. You’ll find expert help at every turn, the finest diamonds and jewellery in the world, and hassle-free shipping.

For your piece of mind, on site we have an expert Gemologist who inspects every piece of jewellery before it is shipped to you.

Every piece of our diamond jewellery meets strict minimum quality standards in colour and clarity—right down to the smallest diamonds in a piece. We take it a step further, encouraging you to be part of the diamond selection and create your one of a kind piece. We are able to recreate any special piece that you desire, you can send us a simple screenshot from a web page or a photo. We can make a complete piece from even the most very basic instruction or idea, with this we are able to adjust to any price level. Pieces can be made in any metal, any stone type, any size and any shape. Your only limitation is your own imagination.

We cannot stress enough, we can make anything that you require, and at a 3rd of the cost in most cases, including brand inspired designs. Just drop us an email with your images and we will give you a personalised price depending on the metal, diamond carat and clarity you decide to use.

After a price is given we can always readjust the metal choice, diamond size or clarity depending on your price preference.

Customising your unique glamorous jewellery to match and express your own personality is what we specialise in. We can help you to create your individual luxurious piece.

You can talk directly to a bespoke representative to create a special custom jewellery piece. We are available 24 hours a day by email. This way the finished product looks exactly how you envisioned it.
Satisfaction Guarantee
Bespoke jewellery does not need to be expensive. We are typically up to 30% or more economically priced than any local jewellers and webpages.

A Bespoke piece of jewellery ordered from The Diamond Mansion usually takes around 10 – 15 business days from the customer’s design approval. We are sure you would agree, this is much better than waiting around for the 6 to 8 weeks that most jewellery stores take to finish your custom pieces. We work out to be quicker, stress-free and cheaper every time.

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