Your wish is our command

When selecting your pieces please make sure to detail in the message box at Checkout – the size and any additional preferences.

The Diamond MansionThe Diamond Mansion

Gem Stones

We use more diamonds than any other jewel, HOWEVER if you would like to add some gem stones to your pieces,
just say the word. From Rubys to organic Pearls we can provide whatever is desired, we are at your service.

Precious Metals

We work mainly in Platinum, White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold, HOWEVER if there is any other metal you would like us to use in your design please let us know, anything can be arranged.

Ring Sizes

Please view information on this link or download our pdf here.

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Certain preferences will involve additional fees i.e. if you require a higher quality diamond etc. in which case we will contact you by email.

If you are having trouble choosing your centre stone or are baffled by carat sizes please do not hesitate to drop us a mail and one of our designers will be in touch within 24 hours: [email protected]