Hanging On To Old Jewellery That You Dont Wear?

Make Use Of What You Dont Use… Up-cycle

Here at The Diamond Mansion we want to fill your life with BLING and make your jewellery box something to be proud of.

Everyone has a piece of jewellery in their jewellery box that they do not use but for some reason have always hung on to. We have a way you can hang on to the sentimental value while making it a piece you can you wear over and over again.

Either its your aunts old brooch, a necklace given to you as a gift or an old engagement ring, send us a clear picture and we will give you some ideas and inspiration of options of something amazing we could create using your old piece that you never use. Let our design team work their artistic magic.

Anything is possible, we can add diamonds, add gold or even add a robust cable instead of a classical chain for something modern and edgy.

The sky is truly the limit with our bespoke up-cycle option

Not only is this is a great way to update your wardrobe but the cost is minimal. Unlike buying a completely new piece of jewellery, by up-cycling you already have the materials you need, cutting costs in half.

The Diamond Mansions How To Guide To Bespoke Up-cycling…

Step One…

Send us a photo of your piece or pieces that you would like to up-cycle. We can give you a rough idea of what you can expect to create.

Once we have an idea that you are happy with you can send us your piece/s and we will have our master craftsman evaluate the piece/s so our designers know what we have to work with.


Step Two…

We can discuss adding stones or metals and come to a final design decision before the melting process. Here is where we will then be truly exact on what stones we have to play with. Before we can dismount the entire piece we can make an educated guess and the karat, shape and clarity of any diamonds BUT we will only be 100% once we have dismounted the whole piece.

This is now where we can determine the final design and exact costs can be given for the over all bespoke up-cycle piece.

Step Three…

The BEAUTIFUL end result. Something that can now be enjoyed and treasured for years to come.

That is if you dont want to up-cycle this piece in the future!


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