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Influential, innovative and progressive, The Diamond Mansion is reinventing an exclusively modern approach to jewellery and investments in metal...


We only use ethically sourced diamonds and guarantee responsible sourcing so you can be sure all our pieces are from conflict-free origins. These gems are used to create exquisite bespoke diamond jewellery and diamond rings. We know how important it is to create the perfect piece by fulfilling your expectations exactly and our design process allows us to do this seamlessly.

As the experts in designing and producing bespoke jewellery, we pride ourselves on the quality of all our pieces and invite you to be a strong part of the process from start through to finish. Liaising closely with you ensures your vision is brought to life.

We have a number of ranges to fulfil all jewellery requirements. From everyday pieces in our Leisure Range to high end jewellery in our Executive Range to our Red Carpet Range, which needs no explanation.

For all your diamond jewellery enquiries contact us at The Diamond Mansion, we look forward to working with you.

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